Written by : Nick 12-06-2024

Addressing Limit Switch Issues in Gate Motors

Today, I encountered an issue with the limit switch mechanism in gate motors. Any gate motor should have a system to understand the position of the gate. Some very cheap motors operate from stopper to stopper. When the gate hits an obstacle, the motor’s current increases, causing the controller to cut power.

Mechanical Limit Switches

The next step in limit recognition involved using mechanical limit switches. In fact, any companies continue to use this method. In this system, two brackets are placed at the ends of the rack. The motor itself has a spring lever that the rack brackets push. Consequently, this action pushes the limit switches, sending a signal to the board to stop the movement.

Operation and Setup

During the limit set procedure, the controller remembers the distance between the rack brackets. It measures this distance by time or by counting rotations of the motor. Using this information, the system can slow down before reaching the rack bracket. This mechanism is simple and inexpensive, but it has its drawbacks.

Disadvantages of Mechanical Limit Switches

Certainly, one major disadvantage is the mechanical touch. Hence, some motors don’t stop exactly where the spring pushes the limit switch, causing the gate to slide a bit more and jamming the spring. The spring can jump over the bracket, causing the gate to get stuck. Over time, the spring can bend or get damaged, leading to missed stop points. As a result, this can cause the gate to go too far and even fall down. Additionally, the limit switch holder can get damaged, leading to erratic operation.

Magnetic Limit Switches

The next evolution involved using magnets instead of metal brackets at the ends of the rack. A reed switch on the motor detects these magnets. This system simplifies life significantly and, although more expensive for the producer, solves many issues associated with mechanical systems. Some companies use two magnets at the gate rack ends (e.g., Roger, Genius), while others use just one magnet somewhere in between (e.g., Centurion). This method eliminates the problems seen with mechanical systems. However, it is crucial to ensure the magnets are securely attached to the rack.

Transitioning to Magnetic Limit Switches

If you experience sliding gate motor issues related to mechanical limit recognizers, consider swapping them for magnetic ones. Magnetic limit switches offer several advantages over mechanical systems.

Enhanced Reliability

Finally, magnetic limit switches ensure more reliable operation. They don’t suffer from the wear and tear issues that affect mechanical switches.

Smooth Operation

Therefore, these switches provide smoother operation. They eliminate the risk of the gate getting stuck or the spring getting damaged.

Easy Maintenance

Magnetic switches require less maintenance. Simply ensure the magnets are firmly attached to the rack, and the system will function optimally.


Issues with mechanical limit recognizers in gate motors can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. Transitioning to magnetic limit switches can solve many of these problems. Therefore, if you have sliding gate motor issues related to mechanical limit recognizers, it is a good idea to switch to magnetic ones.

Professional Installation and Support

For the best results, consider hiring professionals for the installation and maintenance of your gate motor. Qualified technicians can ensure your system operates at its best. If you encounter any issues, professional support is readily available to assist you.

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Addressing Limit Switch Issues in Gate Motors

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