Written by : Nick 18-06-2024

Connecting Beninca Receiver to Dominator Garage Door Motor

Today, I connected three Beninca receivers to three Dominator garage doors. I also programmed six 4-button remotes for the garages and gate motor. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Step 1: Prepare the Receivers

First, I marked each receiver to remember which garage it should go to. This step is crucial to avoid confusion later.

Connecting Beninca Receiver to Dominator Garage Door Motor

Step 2: Program the Remotes

I connected each receiver one by one to 12v battery and programmed the remotes. To program a Beninca remote, press the receiver button using a thin screwdriver. Then, press the remote button several times. The light on the receiver should blink to confirm the remote is saved in memory.

Step 3: Confirm Voltage Output

Before wiring the receivers to the garage motor, confirm the voltage output from the motor. Sometimes, there’s no voltage output, and you may need a plug-in power supply. In my case, the motor had a 35V output, which is too much for a 12/24V receiver. It might work for a while but could fail soon.

Step 4: Use a Voltage Converter

I used a 24-12V converter. This converter requires 24V input but provides 12V output, even with 35V coming in. If it fails, it’s still ten times cheaper than the Beninca receiver.

Step 5: Ensure Stable Power Supply

Motor power output isn’t always stable and can drop during garage door movement. This instability can prevent you from stopping the gate midway, say, to leave a gap for a cat. Ideally, use a standalone 12VDC power supply for consistent performance.

Step 6: Attach the Aerial Wire

Don’t forget to attach the aerial wire to the receiver. This step ensures better reception and reliable operation.


Connecting Beninca receivers to Dominator garage door motors is straightforward if you follow these steps. Mark your receivers, program the remotes, and confirm the voltage output. Use a voltage converter if needed and ensure a stable power supply. Finally, attach the aerial wire for optimal performance. For professional help, contact our team for expert solutions.

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Connecting Beninca Receiver to Dominator Garage Door Motor

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