Written by : Nick 28-12-2023

Securing Solid Double Swing Gates: The Importance of Proper Locking

Securing Solid Double Swing Gates: using electric drop bolt

If you have solid double swing gates, it’s crucial to secure them in the closed position to prevent damage from wind or other external factors. In this article, we’ll explore different locking options and their suitability for single and double gates.

Securing Single Solid Gates: The Magnetic Lock Solution

For single solid gates, a magnetic lock is the ideal solution. This type of lock securely attaches the gate to the post or wall, providing a reliable and sturdy closure.

Securing Double Swing Gates: The Limitations of Magnetic Locks

While magnetic locks work well for single gates, they may not be sufficient for double swing gates. These gates can experience shifting plates during strong winds or when pressure is applied, causing the lock to disengage and open.

The Best Option: Electric Latch or Drop Bolt Lock

To ensure proper security for double swing gates, an electric latch or drop bolt lock is recommended. This type of lock can secure one or both gate leaves to the driveway, providing a strong and reliable closure. When the gates start open movement, a 12 or 24V power supply is applied to the lock, releasing it.

Securing Solid Double Swing Gates: using electric drop bolt

Considerations and Drawbacks:
It’s important to note that electric latch or drop bolt locks require a distance of 15-30mm between the gate leaf and the driveway or stopper, which may not always be feasible. Additionally, these locks can produce a relatively loud sound when activated by the alternating voltage.

Potential Risks and Solutions:
There is a risk of the lock failing to open for some reason while the motors start moving, which can potentially damage the gates if sensitivity settings are not properly adjusted. To mitigate this risk, it’s crucial to ensure proper sensitivity settings and regular maintenance of the locking system.

A Recommended Lock: BFT Drop Bolt Lock
In a recent project, a BFT drop bolt lock connected to a Roger automatic system was used. This lock offers the advantage of quiet operation during opening, minimizing noise disturbances.

Seeking Professional Advice:
If you have a solid double swing gate and are unsure about the best locking solution, it’s always recommended to seek advice and a quote from professionals. Sesame Gate Automation can provide expert guidance based on your specific requirements and ensure the proper installation and functioning of the locking system.

BFT elecrtic drop bolt for a double swing gate

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