Written by : Nick 08-02-2022

Extension of remote receiver range

Today’s customers garage door remote only open the garage door if they stand just next to the door. They asked to extend remote receiver range. I inspected the receiver and found that there was an aerial input but there was no antenna pugged in. I used about 16 cm TPS 4mm core wire as an aerial. It made the remote work 5 times better. Remember to install an antenna to on board, plug in or external receivers of your devices.

How to Extend Gate Remote Control Range

Extending the range of your gate remote control can provide added convenience. Follow these steps to enhance its effectiveness.

Step 1: Check the Battery

First, check the remote control battery. Weak batteries can reduce range. Replace with fresh, high-quality batteries. This simple step can boost performance.

Step 2: Adjust the Antenna

Ensure the gate motor antenna is fully extended. Position it vertically for optimal signal reception. A well-positioned antenna can significantly improve range.

Step 3: Clear Obstructions

Remove any obstructions between the remote and the gate motor. Trees, walls, and vehicles can block the signal. Keeping the path clear enhances signal strength.

Step 4: Upgrade the Antenna

Consider upgrading the antenna on the gate motor. A high-gain antenna can increase the range. Select an antenna compatible with your gate system.

Step 5: Use a Signal Repeater

Install a signal repeater to extend the remote control range. Place the repeater midway between the remote and the gate motor. It boosts the signal, covering a larger area.

Step 6: Check for Interference

Identify any sources of interference. Nearby electronic devices can disrupt the signal. Move such devices away from the gate motor and remote control.

Step 7: Increase Remote Power

Some remotes allow you to increase their transmission power. Check the user manual for instructions. Boosting power can extend the range.

Step 8: Upgrade the Remote Control

Upgrade to a long-range remote control if necessary. These remotes are designed to cover greater distances. Ensure compatibility with your gate system.


Extending the range of your gate remote control is achievable with simple adjustments. Check the battery, adjust the antenna, and clear obstructions. Install a signal repeater or upgrade components if needed. For professional help, contact our team for expert solutions. Enhance your gate control convenience today.

Extension of remote receiver range

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