Written by : Nick 03-06-2024

Fixing a Beninca Bob50P 230v Double Automatic Gate with Brainy Controller

Today, I worked on a Beninca Bob50P double automatic gate with a Brainy controller. One motor, the older one, moved slower and sometimes stopped before reaching the stopper.

Understanding the Beninca BOB50P

The Beninca BOB50P is a compact 230v motor with inner stoppers. Like most 230v motors, it operates from stopper to stopper. These motors have inner stoppers, so you don’t need in ground stoppers.

The Brainy Controller

The Beninca Brainy controller for Beninca Bob50P 230v motors is similar to BFT controllers. It features a screen and three buttons. These buttons allow you to enter programming, scroll through parameters, and change them if needed. The motors work for a specific time, determined during the Auto set of limits.

Identifying the Issue

Since the motor didn’t reach the stopper, I suspected a timing issue. The motor work time should be longer than the actual time the gate opens or closes. I attempted to run the Auto setup, but it failed. Therefore, I manually adjusted the motor running time in the Parameter menu.

Adjusting Motor Running Time

I accessed the Parameter menu and manually changed the motor running time. Additionally, I set up a slow-down phase. After these adjustments, the gate worked fine.

Replacing the Starting Capacitor

To ensure everything worked perfectly, I replaced the starting capacitor. The existing capacitor had less capacity than it was supposed to have. It’s crucial to check capacitors if you have a 230v motor. This step can often resolve motor performance issues.

Initial Checks

Before diving into deeper troubleshooting, always perform initial checks. Look for visible damage on the board on both sides. Also, inspect the capacitors, especially if dealing with a 230v motor.


By following these steps, you can troubleshoot and fix common issues with the Beninca Bob50P double automatic gate. Always ensure to check for visible damages and capacitor health first. Adjusting motor running times and phases can resolve many performance problems. You can find more info in the manual:

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Fixing a Beninca Bob50P 230v Double Automatic Gate with Brainy Controller

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