Written by : Nick 05-02-2023

General Gate Automation Troubleshooting Algorithm

General algorithm of looking of gate automation  faults

If your gate is broken, the best option is to call an experienced technician. However, if you prefer to try a few things yourself, follow this universal procedure. Ensure the weather is good and you had a good night’s sleep before starting. Here is the Gate Automation Troubleshooting Algorithm:

Step 1: Check Manual Movement

First, check how the gate moves manually. So turn the gate to manual mode. Slowly open and close it fully. Second, observe if the gate catches on the ground. Check that rollers (for sliding gates) or hinges (for swing gates) are not obstructing the gate at any point. The gate should move freely and smoothly. If it doesn’t, find ways to make it move smoothly.

Step 2: Inspect the Controller

For now before opening the controller box or motor enclosure, locate the isolation switch and turn off the power. Following after turning off the power and opening the box, take a picture of the internal components. Next open the box slowly and gently. Though sometimes, batteries, transformers, or receivers inside may not be properly attached and could fall out, potentially breaking wires.

Step 3: Take a Photo

Meanwhile with the box open, the next step is to take a photo. This helps you remember how the wiring was done.

Step 4: Identify the Controller Model

Now you can see the controller model. Obtain a manual for it.

Step 5: Check for Visible Damage

Inspect the controller and all attached devices for visible damage. In 90% of gate issues, slugs are the culprits. They can get into any box and burn out any board. Ants can also cause damage. Gently unplug all connectors and wires from the controller. Unscrew it from the box wall and thoroughly inspect the board. If you find any damaged parts, the best solution is to get a new board and replace the faulty one.

Step 6: Reattach the Controller

If you can’t find any obvious damage on the board, reattach it to the box. Plug all connectors back in. Ensure there are no loose wires. Check all fuses. Some fuses have a clear body, allowing you to visually check if they are intact. Others can only be checked with a multimeter. Close the box, turn the power back on, and try to operate the gate with the remote. If it doesn’t work, the problem is more serious, and you need expert advice.


Following these Gate Automation Troubleshooting Algorithm can help you troubleshoot common gate issues. However, if the problem persists, it’s best to consult a professional. In the next part, I will cover more advanced steps, which should only be followed by electricians. These steps involve testing the controller with the power turned on.

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General algorithm of looking of gate automation faults

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