Written by : Nick 05-02-2023

General algorithm of looking of gate automation faults

If you gate is broken. The best thing you can do is call out experienced technician to fix it. But sometimes you can do few things by yourself if you like. The procedure I am going to describe is universal for any tipe of the gate. Just be careful, do it when weather is good and you sleep enough last night.

  1. When ether it is sliding or swing gate, first thing you should check is how the gate moves on manual. Turn the gate on manual mode and slowly try to open and close it full way. See if the gate catching on the ground. Check that rollers (sliding gate) or hinges (swing gate) are not gaming the gate at any point. A gate should moves freely and smooth. If not – look for the options to make them moving so.

2. Looking for controller faults. First thing you should do before opening the controller box or motor enclosure is find isolation switch, and turn the power off. Another very important thing after you turn the power off and open the box – take a picture of the box guts. The box should be open slowly and gently. Sometime there could be batteries, transformers or receivers sitting inside without being properly attached to the box wall and they can fall out of the box on your head (if the box installed high), and it can brake wires attached to them.

3. Box is opened. Next step – take a photo. So you can remember how all wiring was done.

4. Now you can see the controller model. Get a manual for it.

5. The next important step – check the controller and all devises attached for visible damage. 90% of all gate issues are slugs. They can get into any box and burn out any board. Sometimes ants can do the job as well. So again gently unplug all connectors and wires from the controller. Unscrew it from the box wall and thoroughly inspect the board around. If you found any damaged parts, the best thing you can do is get a new board and replace the faulty one.

6. If you can’t find any obvious damage on the board. Attache is back into the box. Plug all connectors back. check that there is no loose wires. Also good idea to check all fuses. Some of them has clear body so you can visually check if they are ok. Some of them you can check only by multimeter. Close the box, turn the power back on and try to operate the gate by remote. If it doesn’t work, it means the problem is more serious and you need expert advice.

Next time I will write the next steps, but you can fallow them only if you are electrician, as you should proceed testing the controller with power turned ON.

General algorithm of looking of gate automation faults

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