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How to Attach Swing Gate Motor Bracket to Gate Leafs: A Comprehensive Guide

Attaching swing gate motor bracket to gate leafs can vary based on the material and design of the gate. Here, we’ll explore different methods for mounting motors on aluminium, wooden, and solid gates, ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing installation.

Attaching Motors to Light Aluminum and Tubular Gates

For light aluminum or tubular gates, you can easily mount the motor bracket using tec screws. This method is quick and effective. The screws provide a firm hold without compromising the gate’s structure. Additionally, the attachment point remains hidden from the street, maintaining the gate’s sleek appearance.

Attaching Motors to Light Wooden Gates

When dealing with light wooden gates, wooden screws are your best option. They provide a strong connection without damaging the wood. Like aluminum gates, the motor attachment point remains discreetly hidden from view, preserving the gate’s natural look.

Attaching Motors to Solid Gates

Solid gates require a more robust attachment method. I prefer using bolts through the frame connection. This approach ensures maximum stability and durability.

Using Face Plates or Washers
On the roadside, use a face plate or washers to distribute the pressure evenly. This prevents the bolts from sinking into the material over time.

For Wooden Gates
For wooden gates, a face plate is ideal. Mushroom head bolts, even with washers, tend to sink into the wood under the motor’s pressure. A face plate prevents this issue, ensuring a long-lasting and stable connection.

For Aluminum Gates
For aluminum gates, position the bolts away from the middle of the frame and closer to the edge. This prevents the frame from squashing under pressure. Some installers use compression tubes or weld thicker plates to the frame at the mounting points. These methods provide additional reinforcement and prevent structural damage.

Concealing Bolts on the Gate’s Face Side

If customers prefer not to see bolts on the gate’s face side, traditional methods might not be suitable. I tried using rivet nuts, but they pulled out easily in strong winds or with powerful motors. Instead, Alan from Wooden Gates suggested a more effective method.

How to Attach Swing Gate Motors to Gate Leafs: A Comprehensive Guide

Using Aluminum Plates
We cut a slot under the frame and inserted a four-hole aluminum plate. We placed another plate on top of the frame and bolted them together. Then, we bolted the motor bracket on top. This method provides a solid and secure connection while maintaining a clean, unobtrusive appearance.

Special Considerations for Gates with Rising Hinges

If your gate has rising hinges, avoid installing the motors at the same level as the hinges. Doing so can reduce the working length of the worm drive, causing the gate to open too quickly and hit the stoppers during both opening and closing. Instead, install the motors opposite normal hinges and attach them to the top bar. This ensures smooth operation and prevents potential damage.


Attaching swing gate motor bracket to Gate Leafs requires careful consideration of the gate’s material and design. For light aluminum and wooden gates, tec screws and wooden screws work well. Solid gates benefit from bolts and face plates. Concealing bolts can be achieved with aluminum plates for a clean look. Always consider the specific requirements of your gate to ensure a secure and durable motor installation. For any automatic gate issues, contact Sesame Gate Automation for expert assistance.

How to Attach Swing Gate Motors to Gate Leafs: A Comprehensive Guide

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