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Installing the Genius Blizzard 4 Sliding Gate Motor

Today, I installed the Genius Blizzard 4, a 24V sliding gate motor equipped with the Sprint M24 board. This motor offers reliable performance and smooth operation for residential and commercial gates. Let’s delve into its features, installation process, and some important considerations.

Installing the Genius Blizzard 4 Sliding Gate Motor

Key Features of the Genius Blizzard 4

Robust Design

The Genius Blizzard 4 boasts a robust design. It withstands various environmental conditions, ensuring long-term durability and reliable performance.

24V Motor

This motor operates on a 24V system. It ensures efficient power consumption and provides a smooth, quiet operation.

Sprint M24 Board

The Sprint M24 board enhances the motor’s functionality. It offers advanced control features, making the motor versatile and easy to use.

Installation Process

Preliminary Assessment

Before installation, conduct a preliminary assessment of your gate. Ensure it is suitable for automation and free from any structural issues.

Mounting the Motor

  1. Secure the Motor: Mount the motor on a stable base. Ensure it is aligned with the gate.
  2. Attach the Gear Rack: Connect the gear rack to the gate. Ensure it meshes properly with the motor’s gear.

Wiring Connections

  1. Power Supply: Connect the motor to a stable 24V power supply.
  2. Safety Devices: Connect any safety devices, such as photocells or safety edges, to the appropriate terminals on the Sprint M24 board.

Programming the Controller

  1. Initial Setup: Enter the initial setup mode using the Sprint M24 board.
  2. Set Parameters: Program the opening and closing limits, speed settings, and safety features.
  3. Test Operation: Test the gate’s operation to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Make adjustments if necessary.

Important Considerations

Accessory Connections

Installing the Genius Blizzard 4 Sliding Gate Motor

Do not connect accessories like keypads or magnetic locks to output J13. This output is only 100mA, insufficient to power most electronic devices used with electric gates.

Similar Issue with Centurion D10

The Centurion D10 motor has a similar limitation. Its 24V power supply is not powerful enough to feed accessories like a GSM opener.

Benefits of the Genius Blizzard 4

Enhanced Security

The Genius Blizzard 4 enhances your property’s security. Its reliable operation ensures that your gate remains secure at all times.


With smooth and quiet operation, the motor offers unparalleled convenience. You can open and close your gate effortlessly, saving time and effort.


Genius is known for its reliable products, and the Blizzard 4 is no exception. Its durable construction ensures continuous operation, even under harsh conditions.

Advanced Control Features

The Sprint M24 board provides advanced control features. You can customize the motor’s operation to suit your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance.

Here you can get a manual about it:

Maintenance Tips

Regular Inspections

Perform regular inspections of the motor and its connections. Ensure everything remains secure and functions correctly.

Clean Components

Keep the motor and its components clean and free from dust and debris. This practice prevents operational issues and extends the motor’s lifespan.

Check Power Supply

Regularly check the power supply to ensure it is stable and providing the correct voltage. Replace any damaged components to maintain optimal performance.

Update Firmware

If the Sprint M24 board supports firmware updates, check for any available updates from Genius. These updates can provide new features and enhance the motor’s performance.


The Genius Blizzard 4 sliding gate motor is a robust and reliable solution for gate automation. Its 24V system, coupled with the Sprint M24 board, offers advanced control features and smooth operation. However, it is essential to be mindful of the power limitations when connecting accessories.

Professional Installation and Support

For the best results, consider hiring professionals for the installation and maintenance of your Genius Blizzard 4 motor. Qualified technicians can ensure it is installed correctly and operates at its best. If you encounter any issues, professional support is readily available to assist you.

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Enhance your security and convenience with the reliable Genius Blizzard 4 sliding gate motor. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is protected by one of the best gate automation solutions available.

Installing the Genius Blizzard 4 Sliding Gate Motor

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