Written by : Nick 25-06-2023

Forged Gate

In the beginning was the design of forged gate. We based on pictures of beautiful gates from the Internet. The customer wanted real iron heavy and strong gate. Although it is metal, bars that are wider than 15mm are hollow inside. it makes the gate lighter.

Forged Gate By Sesame Gate Automation

Then production. The gate was welded by Sergei from Fancy Gates.

Galvanisation. Any raw iron forged gate needs to be galvanise before powder coating. Otherwise any scratch on the paint will cause rusting of the metal. Usually for commercial sites we just leave it hot galvanised without powder coating. Before galvanisation you should do at least two holes at different ends of each pipe to let it to be galvanised all around, in and out.

Powder coated and delivered:

Forged Gate By Sesame Gate Automation

Installation. We used 125X125 X5 metal posts, instead of 100X100 that we usually use with aluminium gates. Each post goes 100mm under the ground. We tried not to use fastscrete too much as I noticed it tends to crack by time. Here we used Nosteel concrete mix that contains polymer fibers.

Forged Gate By Sesame Gate Automation


Forged Gate By Sesame Gate Automation
Forged Gate By Sesame Gate Automation

All our gates made of top quality materials. For the heavy gates like this we use bearing hinges. We automate gates with Italian Roger Gate Automation gear. Contact us for quality, reliable products.

The gorgeous gate has been designed, made and installed by our team

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