Written by : Nick 22-05-2024

Repairing Old Motostar Motors with CAME ZL180 Controller

Recently, I had the opportunity to repair old Motostar motors that were experiencing issues with one side not opening. The original Motostar controller was damaged and replaced with a CAME ZL180 controller, along with the fitting of CAME encoders into the motors. Finally I found out that is was encoder issue.

Identifying the Problem:

The main issue was that while one side of the motor worked fine, the other side only closed and did not open. I began troubleshooting the problem by checking for visual damage on the controller, which appeared to be in good condition. Next, I inspected the motor wires to ensure they were not broken, which seemed to be fine.

Troubleshooting Process:

To further diagnose the issue, I swapped the motors on the controller board. Surprisingly, after doing so, both motors stopped working altogether. This led me to inspect the encoder inside the motor that was causing trouble from the beginning. Upon examination, I discovered that the encoder was slightly corroded.


After replacing the corroded encoder, the system started working flawlessly. This experience highlighted the importance of the encoder within motors, as it plays a crucial role in the motor’s functionality. Many modern motors, including CAME, BFT, and Centurion, utilize encoders to reduce the number of wires between the motor and controller.

Encoder Challenges:

While encoders are essential components in motor systems, they can also be prone to issues. Older motors often have open board encoders, which can lead to corrosion and other problems over time. Newer models, such as AXO motors, have encoders that are fully covered with compound to prevent such issues.


In conclusion, the repair of the old Motostar motors highlighted the significance of encoders in motor systems. By replacing the corroded encoder and ensuring its proper functionality, the motors were restored to working condition. This experience also shed light on the importance of regular maintenance and inspection of motor components, such as encoders, to prevent malfunctions and ensure optimal performance.

Repairing Old Motostar Motors with CAME ZL180 Controller

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