Written by : Nick 10-03-2024

Replacement an old Farfisa audio intercom with a new Panasonic video intercom and Sebury keypad

This time, I have to replace an old Farfisa intercom/keypad with a Panasonic video intercom and a Sebury keypad. Farfisa audio intercoms have the best audio quality and require only two cores between the gate station and the handset. The basic setup allows for operating one gate. If you have extra two cores coming from the house, you can use the second button of a handset to operate the pedestrian gate if needed. Sometimes, if the intercom wires run along the mains lines, they can have background sounds, sometimes it is high-pitched noise. To avoid this, it is recommended to use screened cable. 

The disadvantage of old intercoms/keypads like that is the button numbers printed on the right easily peel off. So, you can’t see which button is which. The new Farfisa intercom does not have this problem as the numbers are covered with clear plastic and have backlight. The buttons themselves are of good quality compared to Videx intercom, whose buttons don’t last long. 

Anyway, nowadays you can get a good quality video intercom at a price cheaper than Farfisa audio. The Panasonic intercoms are the most reliable and easy-to-install basic intercoms with a great price. They require four wires between the gate station and the indoor monitor. Also, a wireless handset comes with the kit I installed on the site. 

The Sebury keypad is reliable and vandal-proof. All its components are covered with compound, making it able to handle New Zealand’s wet conditions easily. 

The problem on the site was the stone pillar. Its surface is uneven and difficult to drill, sometimes stones can crack or fall out from the wall. To make the installation neater, I used a stainless steel plate that covered the hole from the old intercom and at the same time became a base for the intercom and the keypad. I left the old unit base to use its threaded holes and stainless screws to mount the stainless steel plate and also secure the intercom and keypad bases. 

After installation of the plate with devises on it, I filled all the space between the stainless steel plate and the uneven wall with silicone. To make it the same color as the wall, I covered it with some stone dust that I got from drilling or cutting stones. The dust sticks to the wet silicone, making it look like stone.

Replacement an old Farfisa audio intercom with a new Panasonic video intercom and Sebury keypad

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