Written by : Nick 09-07-2024

Replacing the Came ZL180 Controller with the ZLX24MA

Replacing the Came ZL180 Controller with the ZLX24MA

Today, I replaced the Came ZL180 controller with a ZLX24MA. The ZL180 is a popular controller for Came ATI motors. However, suppliers have run out of stock, and it likely won’t be restocked.

Damage Caused by a Slug

A slug shorted the 230v contacts, damaging the controller. If no replacement board is available, you can try cleaning and soldering the melted paths. However, even after a repair, the board often malfunctions, especially on rainy days. So, it’s better to replace the board.

Getting the ZLX24MA Controller

I got a ZLX24MA controller for the replacement. This controller works with almost all Came and generic swing gate motors.

First Steps

Take a picture of all connections on the old board. Reconnect the old wiring to the new plugs. The transformers for ZL180 and ZLX24MA differ. The new board requires a 24v output. There is 26v between purple and orange wires.

Connecting the New Controller

The new controller doesn’t come with a transformer plug. I used a yellow BUS plug instead. The new board lacks a 230v input. Connect the 230 wires to the transformer input. Ideally, install a fuse in between. Reconnect 2 to 2, 7 to 7, 11 and 10 to 11 and 10 on the new board plugs. Connect M1, N1, Rall1 to M1, N1, R2, and so on.

Installing the Back Cover

The new board comes with a plastic back cover. I recommend installing it to protect the board from insects. Once the controller is in place, plug in all the plugs.

Programming the Controller

Programming starts here. The motors can be in any position, but I prefer locking them in a half-open position. The controller first asks you to choose the motor type. For ATI motors, it’s parameter A1, set to 10.

Setting Motor Parameters

Next, choose the number of motors, parameter F46. By default, it’s set to 2. I had two motors, so I left it as is. The controller then asks you to set limit A3. But don’t do it now. Enter A3 and choose “off” for now. Go to parameter F72 and change the type of limit switch to 3 (limit switch on open and slow down on close).

Final Adjustments

After that, go back to A3 to set up limits. With the basic parameters set, you can make other adjustments if needed:

  • Remove or increase the delay between leafs (F23, F24).
  • Turn on photocells (F2).
  • Associate command to 2-7 (F7). I prefer sequential (F7=1), allowing you to stop the gate in the middle.
  • Set automatic closing time (F19).
  • Adjust leaf speeds (F28, F29). By default, motor speed is 70% of the max. I usually set it to max.
  • Adjust opening and closing slowdown speed (F30, F31). By default, it’s 40%, but it can be reduced to 20%.


These are the settings I usually change. For other settings, check the manual I attached.

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Replacing the Came ZL180 Controller with the ZLX24MA

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