Written by : Nick 01-02-2022

DC30 intercom/keypad

Today saw a keypad that I’ve never seen before. Found a label inside DC40 and managed to reprogrammed it.

Gate doesn’t close

Very common issue for sliding gate is the gate doesn’t close. Usually the reason is faulty safety devices. Sometimes installer uses wireless photocells. Like in this case

Swing gate closing and reopening

Another common issue of a swing gate without stopper in the middle with photocells. The gate closes and reopens. Because of the gate closes too far and crosses the safety beam line. To fix it you s

Written by : Nick 02-02-2022

Using coaxial cable for Farfisa audio intercom installation

Today I replaced video intercom with audio one. There was coaxial cable between the camera and screen inside. I use the core wire to connect P1 and 1 contacts of the outside station and the handset

Written by : Nick 03-02-2022

Replacing broken sliding gate with Centurion D5 motor

Today I replaced the old broken gate and Centurion gate motor. Let’s go through the gate installation steps:
1. Attach wheels to the gate

2. Install photocells and do all wiring<

Came ZL180 and ZNJ24 manuals

Here are two Came manuals for swing gate.

ZL180 works with ATI motors. ZNJ24 works with AXO motors.


Extension of remote receiver range

Written by : Nick 18-02-2022

Replacing a photocells wire under the driveway

Written by : Nick 24-03-2022

4 Benefits Of Gate Automation And Access Control

There are many ways you can make your property safer and more convenient for you and your family – and one fantastic way you can enhance your property is with gate automation. With an automat

Today I would like to say a few words about Came ATI motors. I think it is the most common motors you can find in Auckland, especially for wooden swing gate. Wooden Gatates Waiuku used to install t

Centurion Vantage

Conclusion. If the Centurion Vantage motor installed on a long leaf gate without the magnet, first thing to check is brake.

Written by : Nick 22-04-2022

Improve The Security Of Your Home With An Electric Gate System

Gates and fences are usually a fantastic way to protect your home and separate your property from others. But, simple gates aren’t foolproof, and suspicious individuals who are determined eno

Written by : Nick 31-05-2022

What You Should Know About Security Gate Automation

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and tiredly headed out to work, only to have trouble getting your manual gate open? A frustrating thing about manual gates is that you have to physically open

The Ten Most Common Issues Faced During Automatic Gate Installation

Gate automation can significantly improve your quality of life and your property’s security. With an automatic gate, you have far more control over who gets in and o

What To Consider When Installing Electric Gates And Things That You May Not Have Thought About

Having a wonderful automatic gate opener installed onto your property can be outstandingly convenient, especially if you have to pass through a gate to leave or retu

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Keypad 6612 with bell manual

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Aprimatic BA230 control board manual

Tador intercom/keypad manual

Tador intercom/keypad manual

Builgingeasy keypad manual

Buildingeasy keypad manual

Written by : Nick 12-09-2022

Jade Wifi intercom manual

Jade wifi intercom/keypad manual

Written by : Nick 02-11-2022

Installation of Beninca motor

Installation of Beninca motor for Wooden Gates Waiuku

General algorithm of looking of gate automation faults

General algorithm of looking of gate automation faults

General algorithm of looking for gate automation faults 2

General algorithm of looking for gate automation faults 2.

Written by : Nick 30-04-2023

A very common cause of gate automation failure

A very common cause of gate automation failure

Written by : Nick 21-05-2023

Ezy switch. SMS-2 system monitor. Installation manual

Ezy switch. SMS-2 system monitor. Installation manual

Forged Gate

The gorgeous gate has been designed, made and installed by our team

Manual for PKMJ2A controller that works with GTR058 swing gate motors

PKMJ2A manual

Written by : Nick 09-07-2023

Regular maintenance of your gate

Automatic gate maintenance

Written by : Nick 13-08-2023

Farmers Gate

Farmers Gate

Farfisa Audio Intercom/keypad FC32P,FC52P

Farfisa Audio Intercom/keypad FC32P,FC52P

Securing Solid Double Swing Gates: The Importance of Proper Locking

BFT elecrtic drop bolt for a double swing gate

Written by : Nick 30-12-2023

Aiphone AC-10S manual

Aiphone AC-10S manual

Written by : Nick 06-01-2024

V2 wireless keypad SIRMO-DIGIT manual

V2 Wireless Keypad SIRMO-DIGIT manual

Gorgeous Italian Forged Gates

Gorgeous Rome Forged Gates

Installation and repair of chain link mesh fence

Installation and repair of chain link fence

Written by : Nick 13-01-2024

Repair of bent louvre gate

Repair of bent louvre gate

Written by : Nick 16-01-2024

Roger BE20 double swing gate service

Service of Roger double swing gate

Replacement an old Farfisa audio intercom with a new Panasonic video intercom and Sebury keypad

Replacement an old Farfisa audio intercom with a new Panasonic video intercom and Sebury keypad

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