Written by : Nick 30-05-2024

Troubleshooting Roger Grande Sliding Gate Motor: A Step-by-Step Guide

Today, I faced an issue with my Roger Grande sliding gate motor. The gate wasn’t closing automatically after the programmed pause time.

Initial Steps and First Attempt

I reached out to Leeroy from Unlimited Electrical Ltd for help. The first thing he suggested was to run a wire link between the earth 230v wire and the COM input on the board. Unfortunately, this didn’t resolve the issue.

Adjusting the Auto-Close Time

Next, we tried adjusting the auto-close time. Originally, the auto-close time was set to 27 seconds. We changed it to 35 seconds. However, this adjustment also did not solve the problem.

Resetting the Controller

Leeroy then recommended resetting the controller. There are two methods to reset it:

  1. Using Parameter 90:
  • Navigate to parameter 90 by pressing the arrow up or down.
  • Hold the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons for 4 seconds.
  1. Power Cycle Method:
  • Turn the power off and then on.
  • Before the software version displays, press and hold the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons for 4 seconds.
Troubleshooting Roger Grande Sliding Gate Motor: A Step-by-Step Guide

Post-Reset Setup

After resetting the controller, I had to reconfigure all the settings. Fortunately, the reset didn’t delete the gate limits. The motor started working fine after the reset.

Future Considerations

Leeroy mentioned that this fix might be temporary. Eventually, replacing the controller will likely be necessary.


If you face a similar issue with your Roger Grande sliding gate motor, follow these steps. Start by linking the earth 230v wire to the COM input. If that fails, adjust the auto-close time. As a last resort, reset the controller using either of the two methods. This should help your motor function correctly, at least temporarily. However, keep in mind that replacing the controller might be inevitable.

If you’re experiencing issues with your gate or automation, don’t hesitate to contact Sesame Gate professionals. We have the expertise to diagnose and repair any problems with your gate system.

Troubleshooting Roger Grande Sliding Gate Motor: A Step-by-Step Guide

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