Written by : Nick 03-04-2022

Came ATI motors for a swing gate.

Today I would like to say a few words about Came ATI motors. I think it is the most common motors you can find in Auckland, especially for wooden swing gate. Wooden Gatates Waiuku used to install them with their swing gate before. Now they use next generation AXO motors. Anyway about ATI – they are robust actuators that can work for a long time in Auckland condition. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind during installation. The motor pushes against the closing stopper. It is a strong one, so easily will  push out bolts of bend bracket if it is not strong enough by time. Thats why the bracket must be solid and ideally attached to the two sides of post (for wooden post).

Also it is very important to comply with all measurements according installation manual, especially for long ATI5024 motor. Otherwise it will rub with it nose against the leaf in 3/4 open point.

The motor must be serviced one a year. The warm drive can be greased with general purpose grease. A manual release mechanism you can grease with liquid grease (CRC). If you don’t do it, after a 3-5 years the motor start making a loud noise and can stop before reaching the end of stroke.

Another important part of the motor is an encoder. . In previous generation motor, there was no encoder inside the motor, but the motor was wired with 7 core cable. Now the encoder is inside the motor, it reduce the quantity of cores to only 3. If your gate opens inside you can keep encoder wiring as it is, if they open outside, you should swap red and black motor wires, and red and black limit switches wires.  The main problem of ATI motor is encoder board is  easily corroded, especially if the gate is in a shady place, and the gate starts play up. If you gate closing and bouncing back or starts and stops it can the a encoder problem.

One more thing that can stop you gate from proper work is a controller board. ZL180 is the boar for ATI motors. Sometime slugs came inside the controller box and short contacts.

It is very important to sealed all original and installer made holes. Don’t put slug bait inside the box as it attracts slugs.

If the motor is properly installed and maintained it can last more than 20 years.

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