Written by : Nick 22-04-2022

Improve The Security Of Your Home With An Electric Gate System

Gates and fences are usually a fantastic way to protect your home and separate your property from others. But, simple gates aren’t foolproof, and suspicious individuals who are determined enough may be able to get through them. If you want to really enhance your security, you should invest in gate automation.

Electric gate systems are an incredible way to boost your home’s security. Depending on what kind of system you get, you can have significant control over when your gate opens and who gets in and out.

Furthermore, along with being incredible for security, electric gate systems are also excellently convenient and can better your daily life.

If you’re interested in getting an electric gate system for your property but are still on the fence, keep reading to learn all about how these wonderful systems can only make your life better.

How Can An Automatic Gate Enhance My Property’s Security?

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Unfortunately, many people don’t think about their home’s security until an incident occurs. We often don’t think of intruders or malicious trespassers until something happens to us or a neighbour, and once that happens, you may wish that you could go back in time to prevent anything from happening.

Instead of waiting for something to happen to get something done, you should always smartly prepare for the worst to happen but hope for the best. With excellent gate automation, you can add a layer of protection to your home, your possessions and the people you love.

Of course, the most significant perk of electric gate systems is safety for your family. It doesn’t matter how big or small your family is or how many pets you have; it’s always challenging to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. But, with a secure gate and everyone safe inside, you can have peace of mind and be happy.

There are different kinds of automatic gate systems, so your specific system may offer various security options. For example, a few popular kinds of security measures for gate automation systems are:

Remote Controls. Regular gates require you to manually open, close and securely lock them. Although everyone should always remember to lock up at night, sometimes we forget and leave gates opened or unlocked. This leaves an opportunity for suspicious strangers to get in or for wandering children or pets to get out.

However, when you have an electric system that is controlled with a remote control, opening and shutting your gate yourself becomes easier than ever. Rather than physically going out to your gate to make sure it’s locked up tight, you can simply use your remote.

Keypads. If you’d rather not have to keep track of a remote control, you can get a keypad. Gate automation systems that use keypads allow anyone who knows the code to get in and out of your property. This kind of control eliminates the need to keep track of a remote or a key and allows you to give access to friends and family who you trust.

Card Access. For those who don’t want to keep track of a remote and don’t want to memorise a code that they could forget, you can opt for a high-quality swipe card scanner. This allows you to have a key card that conveniently fits in your wallet that you can pull out whenever you need.

How Else Can An Electric Gate Improve My Life?

As you can tell, gate automation can do wonders for your physical security and mental state – you will be physically safe in your home, and you can relax knowing that you’re secure. However, you may still wonder, are electric gate systems only good for security?

Automated gates can significantly improve your daily life, especially if you frequently move on and off your property. Conveniently, you won’t have to manually check your gates every day when you leave or enter. This small change can save you a lot of time in the long run.

For example, if you drive through your gate every day and need to close the gate behind you once you leave, it can be a huge pain to get out and close your gate yourself. But, if you have an electric system installed where you can use a remote control to shut your gate behind you, you may not even have to leave your car.

I Want To Have An Automatic Gate Opener Installed; Who Can Help Me?

At Sesame Gate Automation, we help New Zealanders improve their security and lives with incredible electric gate systems. We can design your wonderful new gate opener from scratch and then install it onto your gate.

Or, if you already have an electric gate and it’s malfunctioning, we’re here to help you as well. Our excellent team is here to offer you support or a free quote when you need us. You can also reach us at 02102602772 for more information.

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