Written by : Nick 07-07-2022

The Ten Most Common Issues Faced During Automatic Gate Installation

Gate automation can significantly improve your quality of life and your property’s security. With an automatic gate, you have far more control over who gets in and out of your property and can discourage suspicious people from trespassing or breaking in. 

But, like with any other convenient device, automatic gate openers have some common issues you might run into if you’re not careful. These problems can occur if your device is installed incorrectly or the company you use is incompetent. 

You can avoid these troublesome problems by being aware of these common issues and hiring a reliable technician to install your automatic gate.

Common Issues To Watch Out For When Having An Automatic Gate Installed

These ten frequent issues are often encountered by people who don’t install their opener properly, don’t do the proper research or neglect to correctly figure out which of their gates are most suitable for gate automation. If you plan to install your device yourself without enough research or training, you will most likely run into these problems. 

The Ten Most Common Issues Faced During Automatic Gate Installation

The most prominent problems faced during automatic gate device installation are:

  • Gates Installed On Slopes May Cause Issues. Gates that are installed on slopes or hills can face issues. You may want to select another gate to automate in this situation.
  • Ensure Your Gate Works Without Automation. Every automatic gate should still be able to work as a standard gate. You should still be able to open and close it manually if you choose to. Therefore, if your gate automation device makes it impossible to open or close your gate without using the device itself, this is a problem. 
  • If Your Gate Motor Is Going To Be Installed Underground, Ensure It Has Proper Drainage. If you choose to have your automatic gate’s motor installed in an underground compartment, the underground chamber must have proper drainage. Otherwise, the motor may get flooded with water and debris, and this could cause further issues. 
  • Make Sure Your Gate’s Equipment Is Suitable For Installation. Not every gate is built the same, so not every standard motor will fit every gate. It’s very important that your installation company is aware of your gate’s properties so they can use the correct gate automation equipment. Otherwise, your gate will not open as it should. 
  • Can Your Device Withstand Weather? Take a moment to think about the weather in your area; do you experience frequent rain, high humidity or storms? You must get an automated device that can withstand your area’s climate so it doesn’t break down every time it storms. Gate motors that are weaker or not suited for your area may be affected by strong winds or other forms of harsh weather. 
  • Consider Access For Visitors. A great part of having your gate automated is that you can control who comes and goes, but what about friendly visitors who you’d love to welcome into your home? Letting in visitors can be a hassle if you choose an automated system that opens to you and only you. Typically, this issue can be solved with an intercom system or a gate specifically meant for visitors.
  • Obstructions Disrupting Your Gate. Naturally, if something is blocking your gate, it will not open. You must always keep your gate’s path clear so it can open like it should.
  • Determine If The Gate Locks Can Keep The Gates Shut. Many gate automation devices automatically lock themselves when you’re not used to them. This is great for extra security, but only if it works. Always double-check to see if your automatic gate really does lock like it should before you trust it.
  • Consider Access For Tradespeople. Like visitors or guests, tradespeople will also need access to your home when needed. People like delivery people and hired help should be able to have some way to contact you to let you know they’re there.
  • DIY Installation Almost Always Comes With Problems. You may be tempted to try to install your automatic gate yourself – but doing so can cause you to experience all of the above-listed problems and more! You should absolutely always hire a professional to install your device. They will make sure everything is okay, and they will also help you understand how to use it correctly.

Similarly, you should also trust a professional with repairs if your gate ever breaks down. DIY jobs almost always lead to problems that cost more time and money to fix.

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